Making Money with Hubpages has been a hard task for many of us...

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If you are like most of the members at Hubpages, chances are you aren't making any money or at the most a couple dollars with Google Adsense.

You need hubs and lots of them. The key is not only to have lots of hubs, but lots of quality hubs.

Learn how to choose topics to base your hubs on and gather up relevant information.

Learn how to get your Hubs ranking on the first page in Google!!! You need to understand that while some of your Hub Traffic may come from within Hubpages from other members, the traffic that is going to make you money needs to come from Google. This is where people are searching for a specific product/service.

Learn how to set your hubs up at a rate that you can manage and how simple it is to make big money that will run on autopilot earning you an income for many years to come.

Set it up right the first time with proper quality content and they will remain earners. As a writer on Hubpages you need to have patience and want to put time into your Hubs. They should never be something slapped together in 5 minutes. THAT IS NOT QUALITY!!!

Let me also show you a plan that could have you earning $10,000+ in extra income each and every year by introducing an affiliate program that Hubpages doesn't tell you about while still using the Google Adsense, Amazon and other Hubpages Affiliate Programs.


Learn how to get floods of traffic to your website/hubs.

Learn how to use WEB 2.0 properties to your advantage and how to get extra traffic to your website with these methods.

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Blueprint #1

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Blueprint #2

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Blueprint #5

3 Steps To Getting Hordes Of Traffic From Video Marketing

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Below are some of the earnings from using Hubpages to drive traffic to various sales

These results are from 4 Hubs and 4 Products

$719.50 Profit in just 3 months with a total set up time of no more than 1 hour on each Hub.

Keep in mind this is with just 20 Hubs at the time this book was published. Out of the 20 only 4 of them contained Affiliate Links. Imagine the results with all 20 Hubs containing affiliate links!!! This is just one of the ways to earn money within Hubpages. I also am awaiting a payment of $119 from Google Adsense and have also earned several payments from the Supertips Ebook and GDI, all with traffic generated through Hubpages.

I am not going to post screenshots of a whole lot of payments and bore you all as we all know a lot of Internet Marketers photoshop results, these results are just to motivate you.

I will earn over $25,000 (real figures not the infamous Internet Marketer figures with that nice shiny red Ferrari and the 3 storey mansion photos as well) in the next 12 months with Hubpages alone.

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