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Greyhound Racing Betting System: Still going strong in 2017! The original system results are based on Quality Greyhounds racing at Wentworth Park and The Meadows, however we have been testing a new set of rules added to the original rules that have allowed us to look at other race meetings and have a lot of success in doing so.

Has shown a profit each month this year and has a very well structured Progression Method Staking Plan in place to help those profits go even further. 

Here are the facts.

Win strike rate of 61%
Place strike rate of 91%

Profit on a progression method of
$6,000 in just the first 3 months
The Greyhound System is very easy to operate and takes just minutes to work out your selections.  It is a set and forget racing system which means that there is no need to sit and watch 2 minutes before the race to know whether or not you are going to have a bet.  The whole system is based purely on the form guide. 
I have also had customers apply these methods to the Wednesday and Saturday Horse racing meetings with a great deal of success as well as Harness Racing meetings. 
Like Pete's Betfair Method, this Betting System can also be used midweek now as we have added some new rules to rule out those  greyhound maiden races that were eating into our profits.

In recent weeks we have seen a profit of
$820 on just 3 selections at level stake betting of $100 X 3 for the WIN ONLY with a total return of $1,120 for a Saturday Night Race Meeting at Wentworth Park Greyhound and The Meadows Greyhound meetings.  Better still if you had been using the Progression Method / Staking Plan since the start of January you would of enjoyed a profit of $3,075 just on these 3 selections.

Greyhound Racing System bets can be placed with any betting agent.  It doesn't matter whether or not you bet with Betfair , NSWTAB , IASBET etc.  In fact I encourage people to try and obtain the best possible price so that they are able to get the absolute best outcome on all winning selections.

You  can get started right away working out selections.  Upon payment being received you will have access to our Digital Format PDF Ebook.  If you would like to ask any further questions before purchase you can either give me a call on 0450 620480 or send me an email to . 

$49.95 to the next 3 customers.  Limited time only. Nearly SOLD OUT.  Limited Copies left to protect the dividends of our existing customers.  Don't miss out!!!
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We added new Rules to the original rules of this Greyhound System and look at the results from a two week trial period.
Consistency is the key to making a profit in greyhound races not the prices.  As long as you are picking winners like these you can make a profit over time, better than any system that just goes after long shots that come in after 20 or 30 losses.
There is no point in a system that throws a 20/1 shot at you if you have just lost the last 20 races chasing that winner!!!

R1                                                                                         R2
Wentworth Park R7 No 3 Domino Vitali WON $2.80/1.50         Warrnambool R5 No 1 Tomic WON $1.30/1.04
Albion Park R7 No 2 Gypsy Force WON $3.10/1.60                 R3
R4                                                                                         Gawler R11 No 3 Sunny Boy Love WON $1.30/1.04
Gosford R8 No 4 Lauries Placard WON $1.40/1.04                 R5
R6                                                                                        Sale R7 No 1 Cool Character WON $1.60/1.30
Geelong R6 No 2 Tomic WON $2.00/1.70                                Townsville R9 No 2 Terry Stanley WON $1.60/1.20
Townsvile R8 No 1 Big Enforcer WON $1.10/1.10

For your original $10 bet on an all up bet this would of returned $1,156.  9 Wins in a row!!!

While odds are pretty low you can see that we have been able to get consistent results mid week as well.
You WILL NOT get a selection every day but then other days you might get 2 or 3.  On these selections it is worth noting that they are NSWTAB prices and you can get much better odds if you look elsewhere. I recommend also signing up with Betfair.  If you sign up with Betfair you can get 20% better odds on a lot of races.  Sometimes even better
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Update: June 5th Results are in for Wentworth Park and The Meadows.  As most of you know we keep a separate results section for the 2 main Saturday Greyhound Meeting tracks.  Here are the results from tonight
$230 Profit on $100 Bets for tonight or $355 Profit using the 1*4 Staking Plan Method.

Wentworth Park R3 No 6 Hesa Felon - 3rd $1.80
Wentworth Park R5 No 4 New Divide - WON $2.90/1.60
Wentworth Park R8 No 7 That's Just Me - WON $2.70/1.50
Wentworth Park R9 No 4 Penthouse - WON $1.70/1.30
The Meadows R8 No 8 Octane Show - UNP