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RCTPA Driven Robot

The official Fap turbo website can be found here FAP TURBO WEBSITE

Fap Turbo Forex Robot and how it works:

FAP Turbo is a software package that opens and closes trades using the most profitable methods.  It is an expert advisor within a software package and is sometimes referred to as a Forex Robot.  The software package "FAP TURBO" is a complete plug and play piece of software.  No additional software is required to use it.

With FAP Turbo you have the freedom to put in all the settings for a trade and then leave it to make buy and sell decisions for you while you go about your day. 

The FAP TURBO software was created by Marcus Leary (professional forex trader) and professional Computer Programmer Steve Carletti wrote the software.

FAP Turbo is very easy to use and even someone without experience in the FOREX field can pick it up.  I actually had traded a little in stocks before trying out FAP Turbo and while it is not exactly the same as trading currency I suppose I picked it up very quickly due to my experience with trading stocks.

The best thing about FAP Turbo is that you can create a residual income that can help you improve your lifestyle with a little bit of initial work on your part.

If you are looking at a way to get into the FOREX field then this is definately something you should be considering as you are given every piece of information to get started.

I am going to be honest with you on the financial figures that are given for FAP TURBO.  You may have seen the screenshots where it turned $5,000 into $30,000+ in a short period of time.  This is given on backtests and does not guarantee in any way that you will make those sort of profits in the future, however you can still make very good money with the software.  Over a one month period I made a profit of just under $1,900 which is still very good considering the initial outlay for the software. 

With my review I rate FAP Turbo the following:
5/5: Easy to use
4/5: Level of profits as to claimed figures using FAP Turbo
5/5: Price and overall system quality

Overall: 4.5/5 : Very supportive software package with very easy to use interface and continuation of excellent profits.
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