Betting Staking Plans

The Retirement Betting Staking Plan

The Retirement Staking Plan was devised by Grandstand's racing analyst Barry Hughes, and is rated by some professional punters and people who know racing, to be one of, if not the best staking plan they have seen.
Barry did not invent this plan by accident, it took know how and hundreds of hours of calculations to get it right.
His aim was to formulate a staking plan that could recoup all losses, and to show profits, even when a plan only breaks even. In other words, over a period of time you might have had 80 bets for 25 winners, you didn't lose, but you didn't win either. H e also wanted a staking plan that could withstand long runs of outs and still achieve profits.
He did over a period of time, come up with a staking plan that did these things, but when he applied it to past results on several systems, it worked fine on some, but others, not so good.
He finally came to the conclusion that most staking plans never took into account the average price of the winners. They may work on one that has an average price winner of 5-2, and completely fail on a system with the average price winner of 5-1. The reason being, a system that does average 5-1 winners, will at some stage be more likely to go through a longer run of outs than the one that averages 5-2 winners.
The only thing he had to do now was, to work out a staking plan, with a formula that would suit all plans with different average price winners.
He finally came up with a staking plan that has a divisor, and a target, where your first bet is only 1% of your bank And as you will see he has set this staking plan up in such a way it will suit any system that shows only small profits, and can also show more than 15% at break even. It wouldn't matter if your plan averages 5-2 or 8-1 winners, or anywhere in between. You will know once you have worked out the average price winner of whatever plan you are using, how to set up and use The Retirement Sta king Plan.
First. To work out the average price of the winners, ( and you should only do this after you have had more than 20 winners), you total the return of the winners, E.g. 20 winners and the total return was $100 on the TAB. Then you divide 20 into 100 = 5, so your average price winner is 4-1 as the tote return includes your dollar invested. This first step is the most important in setting up the Retirement Staking Plan, it determines your divisor, and when to bring in your safety device.
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